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About Fathouse

About Fat-Washing

Fat-washing is an age-old technique used by elite bartenders to infuse unique flavors into spirits, resulting in an elevated drinking experience.

The traditional method involves a time-consuming process where fat, such as bacon fat or olive oil, is mixed in with a spirit for an extended period of time.

Once the desired flavor and mouthfeel is achieved, the mixture is frozen to separate the fat from the alcohol. Then the blend is filtered to produce a clean, silky and flavorful spirit.

Elevated Made Easier

Our innovative, small batch recipes make fat-washed spirits more accessible for bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

We have streamlined the process so you can enjoy the amplified body and rich flavors of fat-washed spirits without the hassle.

Experience a new level of flavor and mouthfeel in your cocktails with our full line of fat-washed spirits.

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