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Bacon Fat and Whiskey?

Coconut and Gin?

Olive Oil and Vodka?

If you have never tried fat washing, it's time to find out why it elevates the cocktail experience.

All of the flavor, none of the fat

The magic of our process blends the rich flavors of fat with the flavors of premium spirits. The result is a velvety sip that holds up on its own beautifully, or can add extra depth and mouthfeel to any cocktail.

One taste, and you’ll realize why FatHouse needs to be a staple on your bar.

Bacon Fat Whiskey

The only thing better in life than bacon is whiskey. So why not both?

First, we render the highest quality bacon fat. Then we combine it with our hand-selected rye whiskey. Once the blend meets our standards, we chill it, separate the fat, and then remove the fat.

Coconut Fat Gin

Our gin is a perfectly-balanced spirit with a rich, velvety mouthfeel, and sublime coconut notes.

Olive Oil Vodka

Our vodka has a luxurious mouthfeel and rich notes of pure extra virgin olive oil, making it great to enjoy on its own or to add depth to your next vodka cocktail.

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