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Cocktail Recipes to be Enjoyed with Fathouse Spirits

Cocktail Recipes

Flower Garden

Floral, light and delightful.

Peared Down

An approachable fall cocktail.

Italian Press

The FatHouse Espresso Martini you will love.


A fresh and herbal cocktail.

Spill the Tea

Earl grey, spice, and a little bitter.

On Point

A nod to bartenders.

Better Than Apple Pie

A sweet treat in a glass.

The Go-To

A familiar flavor, and soon your new go-to.

The FatHouse B&B

Blood orange and bacon? Welcome to the FatHouse B&B.

Breakfast of Champions

A breakfast cocktail to win all breakfasts.

Chai Not?

A chai tea-infused Negroni riff.

Crystal Kiss

Unexpected and unassuming.
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